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Six Axles Winding and Soldering All-in-One Machine

l Feeding mode:vibrating disc automatic feeding.
l Winding mode: chuck rotation
l Applcable product: NR40~NR80 series inductance core
l Applicable wire diamter: 0.08~0.22mm
l Number of winding axles:  six axles simultaneous winding


Model Number: AM-NRRX-12

Purpose: Be used for winding and soldering of NR40-NR80 series inductor products.

   Performance and parameters

Feeding mode:vibrating disc automatic feeding.

Winding mode: chuck rotation

Applcable product: NR40~NR80 series inductance core

Applicable wire diamter: 0.08~0.22mm

Number of winding axles:  six axles simultaneous winding

Spindle speed: Max2000rpm

Machine capacity: 1.8 ~ 2.1KPCS/H

Working environment: -5~50℃(there is no corrosive and harmful gas and flying dust etc severe environment.)

Operation control way: Imported PLC control is adopted. The man-machine interface is intuitionistic,simple and convinient and can meet the demand of humanity

Machine size: L2300 x W1350 x H1600mm

Power supply:single phase AC220V and 50HZ.

Air supply: 0.5 ~ 0.7MPa

Power: 5KW

Total weight: around 700KG

Machine features:

 l  Inner winding technology is adopted for this machine. Winding spindle and XYZ are driven by using high-performance servo motor.The working performance is stable.

 l Color touch screen is adopted. The touch control is sensitive and simple to operate.

 l Modularization design is adopted. It can be assembled according to the process and design function unit of different products.

 l The structure is simple. The reliability is high.It is easy to maintain and can be splitted and used according to the need.

 l The machine is simple to operate and the speed of programming is fast.It is convinient to use.

Other functions can be discussed and confirmed in advance according to the requirements of customer.

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