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Winding Gluing Baking All-in-One Machine

l 适用产品:NR-30/NR-40/NR-60系列电感磁芯;
l 适用线径:0.06mm ~ 0.25mm;
l 上料方式:振动盘自动上料;
l 绕线方式:单轴绕线;
l 单轴转速:Max4000rpm。


Model Number: AM-NRRX-11

Purpose: Be used for winding,gluing and baking of NR-30/NR-40/NR-60 series inductor product

   Performance and parameters:

Applicable product: NR-30/NR-40/NR-60 series inductance core.

Applicable wire diameter: 0.06mm ~ 0.25mm

Feeding mode:vibrating disc automatic feeding

Winding mode: single axle winding

The rotation rate of single axle: Max4000rpm

Number of coil: can be set freely.

Work turn of partition disk: counter-clockwise(sixteen station)

Machine capacity: 1.2~1.8KPCS/H

Operation control way: Imported PLC control is adopted. The man-machine interface is intuitionistic,simple and convinient and can meet the demand of NC and humanity.

Working environment: -5~50℃(there is no corrosive and harmful gas and flying dust etc severe environment.)

Machine size: L2500 x W1200 x H1600mm

The weight of machine: around 500KG(including tunnel furnace)

Power supply: single phase AC220V and 50HZ.

Air supply: 0.5 ~ 0.7MPa

Power: 9KW(including baking tunnel furnace)

Machine features:

 l HD camera real-time monitors spot welding and the effect of gluing and ensures the excellent quality of product.

 l During the time of baking, temperature can be set freely with automatic constant temperature and temperature compensation functions. Over temperature alarm is set to ensure the percent of pass of product.

Other functions can be discussed and confirmed in advance according to the requirements of customer.

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